Boys’ Sexually-Abusive Program

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The Sexually-Reactive Program at Hermitage Hall treats males, ages 9-12, FSIQ 52 or greater, who typically engage in sexually-inappropriate behavior as a result of being sexually abused. Special emphasis is directed toward balancing the child’s need to address personal victimization and exploitation issues with the need to address his sexually inappropriate behavior.

The Cognitively Impaired Program treats males, age 13-17, FSIQ 52 or greater.  This program is designed to individualize standard treatment protocols to the individual’s level of functioning, method of learning, and ability to manage impulses.

Adolescent Sexually Abusive and Sexual Behavior Program treats males, age 13-17, FSIQ 52 or greater. This program is designed to serve multi-problemed, hypersexual, and sexually reactive adolescents who have engaged in contact or non-contact sexualized behaviors.

Trauma Informed Care

When working with adolescents that exhibit sexualized behaviors, it is commonly found that they have their own trauma history. This victimization can take many forms, and may include; sexual abuse, emotional neglect, physical abuse, exploitation, or substance abuse. Their past trauma can have a profound impact on their current level of functioning. Without addressing this, meaningful and permanent therapeutic change can be difficult.

Trauma Informed Care provides for an environment and specialized services that are responsive to our residents’ unique needs. By addressing current symptoms in light of the residents’ history, meaningful change can be achieved.